Single Origin Coffees

Ritual Roasters

La Soledad, Guatemala

Ritual Roasters

Monte Rey Bambu, El Salvador

jjBean Coffee Roasters

Finca El Carmen, El Salvador

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Carmen Estate, Panama


Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Carmen Estate, Panama

jjBean Coffee Roasters

Espresso JJ

All coffees available by the cup and for whole bean purchase.


We bake fresh, from scratch, everyday. We don’t believe in short-cuts.

One constant remains: our commitment to bringing you fresh, great-looking AND great-tasting desserts. Yes, we make everything in-house - always have, from Day One. If you poke your head into the bakery, you will find us hard at work using only the freshest premium ingredients that make a difference in what you taste.

NEWS [the latest]

Now offering 6 single-origin coffee from 3 world class roasters.

In addition to carrying jjBean, we've added Phil & Sebastian from Calgary, Alberta and Ecco Caffe from Sonoma County, California. The basic concept is simple: More roasters means a greater selection of coffee, a greater variety of roasting styles, and most importantly better coffee for everyone.

COFFEE [it tastes so good!]

We really like coffee. In a mad-scientist-picasso like way.

We spend an incredible amount of time, tweaking, sipping, tasting, evaluating, improving, and other -ing words to get our coffees tasting the way they do. Our barista’s use only the shiniest prettiest equipment, and coffees from the world best roasters. Delicious coffee is at the heart of everything we do.

FRIENDS & FUN [check em out]

  • Ecco Caffe

    Ecco’s Mission: to source, purchase, roast and serve the worlds finest coffees. Sounds good to us.

  • jjBean Coffee Roasters

    Our beloved Vancouver coffee roasters.

  • Brew Methods

    Providing anyone and everyone with access to the best coffee brewing guides in the entire universe.

  • cleanhotdry

    The thoughts, rants, and dreams of the industry's finest baristas.

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